It’s been a while since I posted a lesson. Poppular vote, go in the ask box and request a lesson.

I’ll have time to do them again since summer is fast approaching and I’ll have a bit more free time.

Oh my oh my oh my… it’s come to my attention that the school’s gained lots of followers lately, please forgive me for not keeping up with you all and getting you followed back!
So, I’ve decided that a real roster aught to be made again, to be fair to the players versus the ones who just follow us for fun.

Here is how it will work:

Just go to the submit page and submit a little information about yourself. It’s not an application, its just a way for players to find other players! So no pressure!!!!!!!! ^~^

Suggested Information:

  1. *Fandom (where your character’s from, or what universe you base them in)
  2. *Character name (not all tumblr urls state a characters name flat out)
  3. Age (both character and mun, I know more than a few players who keep their threads at age appropriate levels for who they’re playing with. It also helps players find others their own age!)
  4. Character’s physical description (this is especially helpful with original characters)
  5. Character’s personality description (again, especially helpful with original characters)
  6. What kind of things you like to play (a lot of alternate universes, strictly cannon, crossovers, ect!)
  7. Some general information about the mun! (how long you’ve been playing, your favorite type of smoothie, what color socks you’re wearing… ect.~ Or a link to your personal!)

The only required topics are the ones with the ‘*’ because I’ll be organizing the list according to fandom. We aren’t limited to just Soul Eaters, so all are welcome!

Link to the Roster
Link to Rules 

The teacher will surprise you.

crushinghammermarie answered your question:



Yea, it makes sense. I like the idea. People aught to learn how to build a back story for a character.

It’d tie in nicely with cannon vs. headcannon too.


Sounds like a good idea to me then. I can get started on that and hopefully have it ready within the next couple of days. I might even come up with some homework for that one.

[figured I aught to actually discuss this on the right account. lol]

Are there any requests for a new lesson?

It’s been a while since I posted one, so I may as well ask if any of you have a request in mind?
Soul Eater, or Roleplay related? A creative writing lesson isn’t out of the question either. I suppose a cosplay discussion wouldn’t be unacceptable either.

I think I’ll be clearing out the closet a bit…

I’ve come to realize that the school follows far more people than are following it.
seeing as the ‘following’ is acting as a roster, I don’t find it fair to be posting those people who do not want to be posted/are not following the school.
No, I’m not trying to force people to follow the school, I just don’t want to post names of people who aren’t giving consent.

That being said, if you have multiple accounts and just follow the school on one, but want all your accounts posted, please let me know and I’ll follow them to post them. ^~^


30 Days of Character Development!


HEY RPERS, what if I started a meme. It’s a simple meme. You answer one question every day for thirty days, and by the end of it, you hopefully learn even more about your character and become a better roleplayer because of it! 8Dc  Y’all should totes spread this around. 

Here’s the list. 

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I stumbled over this with one of the faculty accounts and thought this would be a wonderful idea for anyone to do. Developing a character is always a good idea! This person is quite witty for putting it together! Wonderful job!

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